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Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain

Tip 3: Keeping Your Weight in Balance is Key To Taking Control of Your Osteoarthritis!

The first step in managing your arthritis pain is getting your diet in order. If your osteoarthritis is affecting your load-bearing joints, keeping your weight within normal ranges is important. Load-bearing joints refer to any portion of your body that would be affected by excessive weight. Hips, knees, feet and spine are all load-bearing joints.


Excessive weight is a tough issue for some. There are those of us who have always been a little overweight and have never been able to lose it. Don't give up on doing exactly that. It becomes a much more important issue when osteoarthritis is affecting your ability to function without excessive pain on a day-to-day basis. Eating healthy and taking liquid glucosamine supplements daily can help.


There are easy excercises to help you keep lose weight you can do.

  • Walking
  • Riding a bike
  • Using an elliptical
  • Running
  • Swimming

You need at least 20 minutes of cardio a day to notice a difference. 20 minutes is when your body starts burning those extra calories. It's recommended you excercise 30-60 minutes. Excercise, combined with a healthy diet, and liquid glucosamine is your ticket to a healthier, arthritis free you.


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