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Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain

Tip 5: Fighting Arthritis Through Proper Exercise!

Since your body has 147 different joints that are in motion every day of your life, this next piece of advice may be a little difficult to describe. The favorite targets of osteoarthritis are your hands, hips, knees, feet and spine. That does not mean that any or all of those other joints are immune from attack. It is not unusual for doctors to say things like "take it easy on that joint." In other words, they are really saying they don't want you to "exercise" the affected area.


Their intentions may be good but it is also not good advice. As best you can, try to keep painful joint areas in motion, even in a limited manner. Exercise is good for joints affected by osteoarthritis. Even if you don't think you can exercise, you can. Even the lightest exercise can go along way to maintaining joint mobility and health. A good exercise routine is key to beating arthritis. Combine excercise with liquid glucosamine, and you'll notice it's easier to move and excercise those joints because you're rebuilding lost cartilage.


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Liquid glucosamine found in Syn-flex eases arthritis pain, promotes healthy joints, assists in rehabilitating damaged cartilage, stops inflammation, and improves mobility.

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