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Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain

Tip 6: The : NSAIDs, Cox-II InhTreatmentsibitors, Surgery, & glucosamine

Doctors will often prescribe NSAIDs and COX-II inhibitors as an arthritis pain remedy. If you are taking these products, you are putting yourself at a high risk for developing serious side effects such as heart disease to ulcers. These products simply are not healthy for you.


In even more serious cases, the doctor will often prescribe steroids. However, steroids such as cortisone and opiates are not only dangerous, they can be life threatening. These are not a viable alternative either, and once again, all they do is relieve the pain, but do nothing to tend to the disease.


In the most severe cases of osteoarthritis, a doctor almost certainly will be telling you that you will require steroid treatments. Unfortunately, in the more severe cases they will often be quick to say that terrible "S" word: Surgery.


When you are talking about joint surgery (typically--hip and knee replacements) there are usually two end results. First of all, no matter what you are told, you will experience limited mobility for the rest of your life after even the most successful operations. Secondly, these "replacement" surgeries do have a failure rate. Generally, they will last about 8-10 years at most and the surgery will have to be repeated.


However, there is hope. The latest arthritis research has shown that there are some very effective alternatives that have no side effects, are completely safe, ease the pain and tend to the disease. This supplement is glucosamine.



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