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Eight Tips to Control Arthritic Pain

Tip 7: How to Evaluate a glucosamine Product

Glucosamine compounds have opened an entirely new avenue for all of you who suffer from osteoarthritis. There is nothing new about the use of glucosamine as a way of providing arthritis pain relief. For many years it has been used in Asia and Europe before the English speaking medical community caught on. You do have to be very, very careful when selecting glucosamine products.


Your selection should be based on four factors.


You must consider the quality of glucosamine, method of delivery to body, additional ingredients in the product, and of course, price.


Simply put, the higher quality of glucosamine you use, the greater your arthritis pain relief will be. Many companies use medium grade glucosamine so you must be careful to look for the highest quality. You need to look for pharmaceutical glucosamine if you want the fastest and fullest relief and healing.


Secondly, the method of delivery can make the difference between no pain relief and your personally desired pain relief. Most products produced after the breakthrough news of the 1999 Lancet Medical Journal glucosamine study were rushed to the market. In this haste, these companies did not take any time to do tests on their product. They simply assumed pill form would be the most effective. The latest research however, has shown that glucosamine in liquid form is much more effective. In selecting glucosamine product, you should look for one that is liquid form.


Also, crucial to the effectiveness of the product, is the other ingredients that are included in the product glucosamine alone is not a cure all. There simply is no cure for arthritis. To find true arthritis pain relief, you need to look for products that combine a number of arthritis fighting ingredients. You should look for a product that besides glucosamine HCL, it also contains arthritis-fighting ingredients such as chondroitin, boswellin, bromelain, omega 3 & 6, yucca, manganese ascorbate, and vitamins A, C, and E.


When considering price, you must take care to determine exactly how much supply you are purchasing. Many companies engage in what can only be called a "deceptive" practice. They often will include 60 pills, or 32 oz. of the product, but they don't make it clear that you have to take 6 pills or 4 oz. a day. You think you have purchased a month supply when often you will run out in less than 2 weeks. A good price for a quality liquid glucosamine product with many of the above ingredients synergistically combined is around $30.


Synflex is a 98% pure liquid formula that combines all the ingredients that are essential for pain relief and joint healing.


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Liquid glucosamine found in Synflex eases arthritis pain, promotes healthy joints, assists in rehabilitating damaged cartilage, stops inflammation, and improves mobility.second one

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