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Liquid Glucosamine Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Affiliate Glucosamine Questions

Q. What exactly is an Affiliate Program?

A: An Affiliate Program is a form of online marketing, where the affiliate plays a significant role.  The program is designed in a manner where the affiliate helps to advertise our products. The methods used to attract website visitors by the affiliates might consist of blogging, e-mail marketing, pay per click (ppc), search engine optimization, and other forms of advertising.  We then compensate the affiliate for each customer that is brought to our website, and places and order, through their marketing efforts.


Q. What do you pay out per bottle of Syn-flex® or Viva! Acai® sold?

A: We pay $6.50 to you for every bottle sold of Syn-flex® or Viva! Acai® that comes through your unique URL.  We don’t just pay you once, but for every order that is placed by that particular customer for the 90-days that their cookie is being tracked.  If they order within those 90-days, the cookie will continue to track them and your unique url.


Q. What URL do I use to link to you?

A. First you must sign up and become an affiliate. It is easy and fast! Then an email will come that will tell you your ID, password and the unique URL you need to link to us. You can sign up to be an affiliate here.

The unique URL will look like this:

(you replace the XXXX with your unique ID)


Q. How do I link to your site?

A. You use basic HTML, which we provide, to link to us on your site. There are many different options for linking. You can use a text link, banners, images, a recommendation, a newsletter article; whatever you like best. We recommend linking to us in a few different ways using different headlines, banners, and images.

Once signed up, you can access our Affiliate Resource Center for detailed instructions on how to get everything set up.


Q. Where can I learn more about Syn-flex®?

A. You can learn more about Syn-flex® right here and learn about Syn-flex® for use in pets here.  You can copy any of the content and pictures from our various websites:


Q. Does the customer have to buy the first time they come to your site through my link?

A. If the customer comes to our site through your link, your affiliate ID will be tracked when they place an order. If they order right away it will result in a commission, as well as if they wait to order, as long as it is within the 90-days that the cookie is tracked.  If they reorder within 90-days, the program will continue to track their cookie for the next 90-days, and so on.


Q. Is there a minimum amount of commissions I must have before you will send me a check?

A. Yes, there is a $25 minimum before commissions are distributed.


Q. When do you mail checks?

A. We pay affiliate commissions either through PayPal or by check in the first week of every month (if you have reached the $25.00 minimum).


Q. What makes your affiliate program better than others?

A. Well first of all, we have a fool proof tracking system using advanced technology that will give you credit for each and every sale, every time.  Secondly, we have an outstanding product that 93% of first time buyers reorder. Thirdly, we have an outstanding 1 in 23 visitor to sale conversion rate that is far above the average of 1 in 200. Simply put, our product will sell itself and all you have to do is deposit your check each month.


Q. What if a customer I referred does not order via your website? Will I still get credit?

A. Yes. If you know someone who wants to order through you, but they don’t want to use the internet, the can fax, email, or call us to place their order.  They will need your affiliate ID so we can add the sale to the affiliate program.  On the internet sales of course, this is all done automatically.

A. Yes, as long as there is a link to our site (your affiliate link), you may use any of the text and images from our site in promoting Syn-flex® and Synflex America. You can also use any of the articles in our Arthritis Resource Center and any of our archived articles from The Arthritis Chronicle.


Q. What does a two-tier or sub-reseller program mean?

A. This means that when someone who goes to your unique URL signs up as an affiliate you will earn an additional $2 per bottle for every sale that is obtained through their website.


Q. I live outside the U.S. and Canada. Can I still promote Syn-flex®?

A. Absolutely. Currently 25% of our orders come from outside the US and Canada.
We have affiliates from all over the world. We pay in US Dollars by check or PayPal once a month. Furthermore, you will often be one of only a few in your country, giving you access to a very large untapped market. We currently have affiliates in the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Q. What if I want to be a Syn-flex® distributor?

A. Just email us at wholesale@synflexamerica.com and we will send you all the information you need to become a Syn-flex® distributor.

Q. I'm ready to sign up. Where do I go?

A. To sign up for our affiliate program, fill out this form.
Didn't answer your question? Need help? Email us at affiliates@synflexamerica.com.