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Setting Up Your Synflex America Affiliate Account

The following information is the quickest way to be up and running and beginning to earn commissions with the Synflex America Affiliate Program.

The Steps:

1. Sign Up
2. Read Welcome Package
3. Choose Linking Methods
3. Create Link on Your Site

Sign Up

The first step is to sign up for our program. If you have not done this yet, go to the signup page. If you are not sure if you want to sign up, please learn more.

Read Welcome Package
After you sign up, a welcome package with detailed instructions will be sent to you.

Linking Options
In linking to us, you have a few options. You can link with a text link, a banner, or with an image. There is also a number of different places on our site which you may wish to link to. Our most successful affiliates use a number of different linking strategies.

Linking with a banner
Standard 468x60 pixel banner on your site. We have dozens of designs to choose from. You can promote Syn-flex®, Syn-flex® for use in pets, or our Arthritis Resource Center.

Linking with an image
We have dozens of images for you to choose from. You can promote our Arthritis Resource Center, Syn-flex®, or Syn-flex® for use in pets. One of the most effective strategies, if you sell products from your site, is to put a picture of the bottle on your site with a description, recommendation, and link to our site next to it.

Linking in text
Here we provide samples of our most effective ad copy you can use on your site as well as the code needed to put these on your page. Also here are recommendations regarding text you can use.

Quick Setup

For those who are not fully computer literate and wish to get the link set up as quickly as possible, follow the instructions below. This will create a simple text link to our homepage.

In order to add a link to your website, you must open your site in an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or a text editor.

Add the following code to your site in the location you want to place it:

First Part of Text<a href="">Clickable text</a>.

Then replace the words "First Part of Text" and "Clickable text" with the text you wish to use to promote us (examples below). Also make sure you replace the XXXXXX with your unique ID given to you in your welcome package. If you do not do this you will not receive credit for your sales.

Here is an actual example for affiliate number 168712:

<B>Ease Osteoarthritis Joint Pain in Ten Days Or Less!<a href="">Learn More</a>.</b>

On your webpage this code will look like:

Ease Osteoarthritis Joint Pain in Ten Days Or Less! Learn More.

Now, save your page and upload it to the Internet.

When you have set up your links, please notify us at and we will check it for you.

When you are ready for some great tips that will skyrocket your sales click here.

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