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Synflex America: Arthritis Joint Supplements

Synflex America Inc., a Florida corporation, was formed in 1999 by President and Owner J.R. Rogers to market Syn-flex®, a premium liqiuid glucosamine arthritis formula for humans and pets. Since then, Synflex America, Inc. has grown to become the largest direct-to-consumer supplier of liquid Glucosamine in the world.


Customer service plays an important role in every business and at Synflex America, it is our highest priority. Our customers know that we are here to assist them in every possible way and we are committed to providing that service. We recognize that our success was not only built on the highest-quality product available today, it came as a result of your support.


Our premium quality liquid glucosamine formula, Syn-flex® is sold with a no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Up to three bottles may be returned for any reason, for a full and prompt refund. We have enough confidence in the power of Syn-flex® to make that guarantee to you.


Our Team

J.R. Rogers, President & CEO
Teodor Talov, IT/Webmaster
John Sudnik, Fulfillment

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