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Ankle Arthritis

Arthritis of the ankle is a relatively common

When most people think of the most common places in the body that arthritis affects, the knees, hips and hands are the first that come to mind. Arthritis of the ankle is a relatively common and serious condition that does not get that much attention. When people suffer from ankle arthritis this means that they have worn out the joint between the shin bone and the ankle bone. There are about 50,000 new cases of ankle arthritis diagnosed every year in the United States. An old sport’s injury, or other serious injuries, can eventually lead to a higher risk of developing arthritis in the ankle. Those who have sustained an injury may have damaged the cartilage which can lead to accelerated arthritis.  In many other cases, old injuries aren’t the cause at all; rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) can also be to blame. If you suffer from ankle arthritis than you know how difficult even a simple task can become. The ankle bears the full weight of our bodies; so therefore, it can become very painful or even difficult to walk when you are suffering from arthritis in this particular area. Your body weight also plays a large role as well. Studies have shown that those who are overweight have more of a tendency to develop arthritis and often have accelerated damage to the joint cartilage.

Symptoms of ankle arthritis include: pain, swelling, stiffness, bone spurs, and instability.  Management options include braces, cortisone injections, and ankle replacement surgery. There are also many people who are taking an all-natural approach with great results. Liquid Glucosamine has been on the market now for quite some time and is used by many people all over the world. Liquid Glucosamine is designed for joint and cartilage protection and growth. To learn more about the benefits of liquid Glucosamine visit: www.synflexamerica.com