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Arthritis Joint Supplements for Skiers

Down the Slopes with Arthritis Joint Pain Relief

arthritis pain relief for skiersIt’s been a white winter for many of us. It’s absolutely perfect if you love winter sports. The Synflex live chat has produced several questions about  arthritis joint pain relief for those of you who enjoy hitting slopes. Skiers are susceptible to arthritis joint pain too, if not more so since they’re out in cold.  Our answer is yes. Skiers can take arthritis joint supplements.

The question really then becomes, which of the arthritis joint supplements is best for skiers? It depends. The most logical option is the Athlete’s or Original formula. This is also the best option if you’re on blood thinners as this formula does not contain White Willow Bark (which interacts with blood thinners). If you have severe arthritis joint pain, you’ll find relief with the 1500 formula. This contains extra glucosamine. 

Skiing is really good exercise and recommended if you’re up for the challenge these cold months. If you’re avid skier, you may just want to take arthritis joint supplements as a preventative measure so you’re not in as much pain later. For instant arthritis joint pain relief afterwards, Power Plus is your best option. Just roll it on and relax.