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Arthritis Relief Tips

Use Glucosamine to improve arthritis pain

It has been estimated that 46 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. Many suffer from chronic pain that may limit their daily activities. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis; however, there are many ways to stay on your feet.
First Tip: Maintain a healthy diet. Many sufferers are indeed overweight, carrying around extra weight is a huge risk factor for the development and progression of Osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that by losing 10 pounds it can reduce the pressure on the knees by 40 lbs! So, eating right is a very important step.

Tip two: Exercise! Once you are on the right track of eating healthy, try some simple exercises. Stretching, swimming, and walking can also benefit weight loss and healthier joints. “Regular physical activity can keep the muscles around affected joints strong, decrease bone loss and may help control joint swelling and pain.” You always want to speak with your doctor to be sure that the exercises you wish to try are safe and beneficial for you.

Tip three: last, but not least, try an all-natural supplement! Many people are starting to search for a more natural route to relief. Did you know that people who take NSAID’s regularly or at high doses raise the risk of gastric and duodenal ulcers? This is why patients who take NSAID’s may also have to take a proton pump inhibitor to decrease the amount of acid in the stomach. Trying a natural approach may not be as difficult as you think. Try taking a once/twice a day dose of liquid Glucosamine. A pharmaceutical grade liquid Glucosamine supplement can be very beneficial. Which is better, liquid or capsules? Liquid all the way!  Most pills and capsules contain various binders and fillers that can make it more difficult for the pills’ or capsules’ desirable active ingredients to be absorbed by your body.  In some pills, as little as 10-20% of the active ingredients are absorbed.  Liquid Glucosamine is absorbed much more effectively (80-90% absorption).  In addition, liquid forms of nutritional supplements are absorbed more quickly by the body than are those in solid forms and, thereby, go to work more quickly. To learn more about the benefits of liquid Glucosamine, try browsing www.activexamerica.com.