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Liquid Glucosamine Benefits

Liquid Glucosamine is not new to the market

Our bodies can take a beating throughout our “younger years,” but that doesn’t mean that it won’t catch up to us! Many active people, or even athletes, may not know that their risk for early osteoarthritis is slightly higher. Repeat trauma to joint tissues may potentially lead to early Osteoarthritis, especially in the knees of many athletes, such as soccer players. Many people aren’t familiar with the reasons why our cartilage starts to deteriorate in the first place. Cartilage protects the joint, allowing for smooth movement.

Arthritis is the breakdown of that cartilage which leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness. Cartilage begins to deteriorate if we do not have enough Glucosamine in our bodies and the result is cartilage destruction. Our bodies create Glucosamine naturally, but as we age, our bodies lose that natural capacity. However many people and athletes are discovering that there may be a way to repair damaged cartilage and possibly rebuild it.

Liquid Glucosamine is not new to the market. People have been using this for themselves, and even their pets who suffer from arthritis, for several years now. If you are considering a liquid Glucosamine supplement, keep in mind that not just any supplement will do. Some companies that market Glucosamine will advertise high amounts of Glucosamine and Chondroitin when really your body only needs about 1,200-1,500mg of Glucosamine a day.  If you take more than the recommended daily dosage, your body will naturally eliminate it. Recent studies have shown that in the digestive process, very little Chondroitin is absorbed. This is due to its large molecular makeup. 

Therefore adding more Chondroitin to a liquid Glucosamine supplement would provide little benefit and simply add to the products cost. If you are interested in giving liquid Glucosamine a chance, you will be pleased to hear that Synflex America offers an all-natural product! All of the ingredients in Synflex originate in the US as well. To find out more about Synflex and the possible benefits from liquid Glucosamine, visit www.activexamerica.com.