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Best Glucosamine Product for Your Pet

Which one is it? How do you pick?

Watching your pet suffer from arthritis can be heartbreaking.  You want to try anything that will help aide them in living their life to the fullest without pain and suffering.  In order to accomplish this, we often spend a large amount of money weeding through products that will help alleviate arthritis symptoms. Glucosamine has been shown in numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to be very beneficial in the fight against osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia in pets.  These studies show that Glucosamine can assist in the rehabilitation of damaged cartilage, while it promotes new cartilage growth.  It may also increase the synovial fluid within the joint, reducing pain and increasing flexibility and mobility.  Glucosamine, which is naturally found in the body, is just as important for cats and dogs as it is for their human counterparts.  When you start researching Glucosamine products, it may become confusing as to which product is best for your pet.  One Glucosamine product can be very different from another.  Here are some guidelines that may assist you in finding the best possible supplement for your furry friend.

  • Amount of Glucosamine Per Day: You will need to research the amount of glucosamine that is included in a daily dose.  You want to avoid having to administer a large amount of the product to your pet in order for them to receive the recommended dosage.  For example, if you have to give your pet three (3) capsules in order to reach the recommended daily dose of Glucosamine, you are severely reducing the amount of time the bottle will last. Which brings us to,
  • Price Per Day: One of the most important elements in researching a product is to compare the price per day, not the price per product.
  • Product Safety: You may want to ensure that the product is made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Lab.  This will ensure that the product is in compliance with the Dietary Supplements section of the FDA guidelines. It may be of importance that the ingredients used are from U.S. sources.
  • Check Customer Reviews: You may want to read customer reviews online, as well as success stories and testimonials.  Trusted companies will not alter these submittals, and you will get a good feel for the product and the changes you may see in your pet.
  • Ingredients: It is important to know the difference between a liquid Glucosamine product and those in pill or capsule form.  Glucosamine that is provided in liquid form is absorbed more quickly, much more fully, and it provides greater and longer lasting relief.  Pills and capsules often contain fillers and binders, and are not absorbed as well.  Studies also show that Glucosamine works more effectively when combined with Chondroitin, so you will want to look for a product that contains both of these ingredients.  Better quality products also contain ingredients that work synergistically with Glucosamine, such as Bowellin, Vitamin A, E, and C, Omega Fatty Acids 3 & 6, Bromelain, and Yucca Powder.


High quality liquid Glucosamine supplements, such as Synflex, can greatly improve the joint health of your pet.  To read more about liquid Glucosamine and pets, visit www.arthritis-cats-dogs.com.