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Defensive Arthritis Hip Pain Relief

Preventing Surgical Procedures

arthritis hip pain reliefAs we go through our lives, most of us don’t think about living our lives to prevent stuff from happening. Yes, our doctors tell us to drink more milk and increase our calcium intake for stronger bones. We know we could get arthritis later, but really that’s not that big of a concern in our minds at the moment. 

Well, it should be, especially if that arthritis is cause for surgical action. Let’s talk about arthritis hip pain relief and preventing a hip replacement.  This is something we don’t think about because when we think of arthritis, we think of small joints like a our fingers and knees. Commercials do a good job of minimizing arthritis pain even though they’re pushing arthritis drugs.

Common Causes
Someone needs a replacement for several reasons. They either have Osteonecrosis, a disease where the bone literally decays and dies, Rheumatoid arthritis (pain and stiffness), bone tumors at the hip, and of course, an injury.

Despite the fact that we know these things already, it’s easier for us to ignore them. Unless you want to be in a tremendous amount of pain, needing arthritis hip pain relief so badly you turn to the knife, you may just want to listen up and change your habits just a little.

  • Exercise: Part of the problem is stiff joints. Keep them limber with exercise
  • Calcium rich diet: That extra glass of milk really does help. It promotes bone health so your bones don’t decay
  • Supplements: Yes, liquid glucosamine can do wonders for you if you start early. Once you notice hip pain, get arthritis hip pain relief with Synflex by starting now when the pain isn’t so bad. Overtime,  your body will rebuild that cartilage.


You’ll have a better shot at preventing a hip replacement. If this isn’t enough, understand this. Just because you get a brand new hip doesn’t mean you’ll be good as new. You’ll still need some form of arthritis hip pain relief. You’ll also need another repeat hip replacement once the prosthetic wears down again. It’s best to take care of what you have now then suffer more later.