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Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs

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As pet owners, we all tend to form a strong bond with our dogs. After all they are man’s best friend! We all know that as our dog’s age, they are more prone to acquiring different types of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. One of the most common forms of arthritis for dogs is Degenerative Joint Disease or “DJD”. At least one in five adult dogs suffers from DJD. What is DJD? DJD is the loss of the articular cartilage that protects and covers the ends of the bone. Bones have nerves, so when the cartilage wears away the two bones that end in a joint will eventually touch and cause pain and inflammation.


What are the Causes of DJD? There is no cause in particular; however the secondary cause may be wear and tear on the joints which is very common in older dogs. The symptoms of DJD depend on the age of the dog, and what areas are affected. Most dogs will have a limitation of motion, stiffness around the affected joint, as well as a decrease in activity. How to Treat DJD here are many ways to treat DJD in pets.


Why is glucosamine best? Glucosamine when combined with chondroitin, beneficial vitamins, healthy fatty acids, (and more) is key to joint and cartilage protection and growth. There is help for joint pain! Glucosamine-chondroitin sulfate, when taken over a few months time may decrease pain and symptoms.


How does Liquid Glucosamine Work? Glucosamine is needed to produce glycosaminoglycan, a molecule used in the formation and repair of cartilage. As our dog’s age the production of glucosamine slows. This would make recovering from the everyday wear and tear on the joints very difficult.


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