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Exercising with Arthritis

Staying active with arthritis is a must

As many people already know, staying active with arthritis can be difficult and sometimes even painful. But don't put your walking shoes away just yet! Exercising has been proven to benefit those who may suffer from all types of arthritis, whether it is in your hands, hips or feet. Performing different exercises has been known to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Exercising can also increase flexibility and build strong muscle around the joints. Here are some helpful hand exercises that may provide some relief:

  • Make a fist! Open your hand and stretch your fingers apart, hold for a moment and slowly release and make a tight fist. Repeat this step with each hand five times.
  • Bend those fingers! Stretch fingers apart once again and hold for a moment, then bend your fingers toward the palms all at once and hold for a moment, repeat five times with both hands.

Here are some hip exercises:

  • Stretch! Lie on you back and cross your right leg over the top of your left thigh. Bring your left thigh up towards your chest; reach down with your right hand through the hole created by the bend of your knee. Reach down with your left hand and clasp your right hand behind the left thigh, gently pull up on the left thigh and hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat five times.
  • Bend your legs! Raise your leg, while your leg is in the air rotate the knee inward. Rotate the knee slowly and repeat five times with both legs.

Lastly here are some foot exercises that may also help ease your pain:

  • Get walking! Taking a daily walk can help maintain joint flexibility.
  • Get the shoes that are meant for walking! Avoid high heels and pointed shoes this can cause unnecessary pressure. Always chose the shoes that fit the best! Great fitting shoes can go a long way. Your feet and your body will thank you later!

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