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Glucosamine: A Natural Approach!

Glucosamine Naturally Stimulates

Glucosamine is found naturally in our bodies.  It is an amino monosaccharide (or amino sugar) that is produced by our bodies from glutamine and glucose.  Glucosamine is found throughout our bodies in areas such as ligaments, muscles, tendons, and even skin.  It helps provide us with our strength, agility, and mobility.  

Glucosamine naturally stimulates and provides the “building blocks” of cartilage; unfortunately, it controls the breakdown of cartilage as well.  One of the ways Glucosamine tries to control the deterioration of cartilage is by blocking collagenase (an enzyme that destroys cartilage).  When Glucosamine is not being utilized by the body, or when Glucosamine levels drop, the cartilage-destroying enzyme will get to work on your body.  Another important aspect of our body that is enhanced by high Glucosamine levels is the synovial fluid around your joints.  The synovial fluid is our cushioning.  The loss of this buffer will lead to discomfort.  Many mechanisms we take for granted are directly related to, and affected by, our availability to Glucosamine.  

Studies have shown that Glucosamine levels drop as we get older.  It is recommended that we take 1500 mg. of Glucosamine daily for pre-existing conditions, as well as a preventative measure for your future.  The makers of Synflex® offer a 1500mg. liquid blend that has provided a natural remedy to millions of people worldwide.  If you take care of your body now, you may reap the benefits later.  Why not add Glucosamine to your daily regime?