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Let’s Play: Arthritis Supplements for Dogs

Staying Active is Good for Fido Too!

arthritis dog supplementsThey tell us humans that staying active is important for our joint health. Well, the same is true for animals too. It’s really a simple idea. If you don’t use what you have, you’ll lose it. If you don’t exercise, your joints will stiffen, making it difficult to move. Same goes for our dogs. They lose cartilage in their joints too. Like humans, we can combat that with arthritis supplements for dogs.  Liquid glucosamine helps rebuild cartilage lost over time in our dogs’ joints. But to get the full effect, our dogs need to stay active. Giving your dog arthritis supplements is part of the solution. Exercise and diet is the other half.


Despite the cold temperatures and not so friendly precipitation some of us are seeing, we can still help our furry friends stay active. Here are some ideas for active fun, even in the winter.

Warm and Cozy
Our pets have fur, yes. But they get cold too. If your dog gets cold easily, think about getting them a jacket. I’m not talking about those frilly sweaters, but more so dog jackets. Lands’ End has a wide assortment of dog jackets that are durable and easy to put on your pet.  So even if it’s drizzling outside or cold, your pooch will be warmer and have more fun wearing his/her new jacket. Plus, you’ll be able to see them easier.

Even if it’s cold outside, your pooch will get hot, just like us, by moving around. A good game of catch will help increase body temperature and joint movement. The frisby or tennis ball make great distractions from the cold temps. Average play time should be about 15-20 min or until your pooch tuckers out and lays down. That’s when you know to stop.

War Indoors
Tug of war that is. One way to stay active indoors is to play tug of war with your dog. Although it’s not as active as running outside, they are still putting pressure on their joints and moving. Make your dog jump for the rope or toy so they get that impact on your joints as well.

Hide and Seek
Another game to play indoors, high a toy close by, where you can sill touch it, and make your pet find it. It gets them excited and moving a little faster. Plus it’s fun.

Staying active is important for you and your dog. Just as you’re taking care of your joints, you’ll need to take care of your dog’s too. Arthritis supplements for dogs combined with exercise is one way to ensure your dog’s joints stay healthy.