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Liquid Glucosamine: The Benefits

Liquid Glucosamine has been in the spotlight

Liquid Glucosamine has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. What is Glucosamine? Glucosamine is a natural body substance important in forming connective tissue called cartilage.” As we age, our natural Glucosamine production may start to slow considerably. Many people have been turning to all-natural supplements that are designed for joint and cartilage protection and growth. Some people definitely prefer the natural way, rather than taking NSAID’s on a daily basis. Why liquid Glucosamine? Because it’s easy to digest and its bioavailability allows you to get more of the Glucosamine that your body needs. Most pills or capsules have binders and fillers, as little as 10-15% of what you ingest actually reaches your body. Where as in liquid form, Glucosamine has a much higher absorption rate, 80-85%!   People often report pain relief within a few weeks, compared to the two months or so reported by people taking Glucosamine in pill form. Liquid

Glucosamine is also much more convenient to take versus the pills, for instance you can just mix it in with your favorite drink or just take the dose in one small sip. The recommended daily dose of Glucosamine ranges from 1,250mg to 1,500mg. You may see products that offer large amounts of Glucosamine, please note that just because the dose is much higher does not mean that is what your body needs. Whatever Glucosamine that your body does not use, it will dispose of naturally.
There is no cure for arthritis, however based on clinical studies Glucosamine may halt the progression of arthritis; reverse some of the damage already caused; diminish inflammation and ease the pain. If you are interested in Glucosamine and want to consider giving it a chance, but are still not convinced just read some of these testimonials: http://www.synflexamerica.com/full-success-arthritis.php