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Points of Interest in Managing Osteoarthritis

Have your feet checked

  • Have your feet checked.  Rheumatologists suggest that you have your feet evaluated.  Any issues with your feet may cause you to alter your gait.  This can cause further damage to your knees, hip, and spine.  You may be able to correct foot conditions with simple changes such as your shoe choices, shoe inserts, or orthotic devices.
  • Limit your use of painkillers if possible.  Many painkillers are NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).  It is advisable to use these drugs in moderation.  They are often prescribed as a means for immediate pain management.  Although effective, they carry great risks (ranging from stomach pain and diarrhea, to bleeding ulcers or even death).  Always take your medication as prescribed, but talk to your physician about an all-natural approach to arthritis pain.  Many physicians over prescribe NSAID’s, or will offer them as the only course of action due to their relationship with different pharmaceutical companies and reps.
  • Take a Glucosamine supplement.  Studies show that Glucosamine supplements containing Chondroitin are a safe and effective method of controlling arthritis symptoms for long term use.  A high quality liquid formula is recommended.  The substances work together to build new cartilage, while repairing the cartilage that has been damaged.  It also promotes the production of synovial fluid, a key component to the cushioning of the joint.
  • Try fast acting topical treatments.  Many topical ointments can effectively provide fast acting relief to achy, stiff joints.  They are simple to use, and can be combined with the use of heat after application for additional comfort.
  • Keep informed.  Self education about arthritis is key. You may want to read articles and studies online, or subscribe to an arthritis related publication.  Speak to your doctor about any new therapies, exercises, or studies that you have heard about and see it may be beneficial to you.  Join a support group and keep the topics of conversation new.