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NSAID’s & Glaucoma

Glaucoma and Arthritis

If you are one of the many people all over the world that suffer from Glaucoma and Arthritis, than you know that living with these two particular diseases combined can be an extremely difficult challenge. This is because typically, NSAID pain relievers are not recommended for people suffering from Glaucoma because of neurological and nerve issues which can arise from the use of these particular medications.  They have been attributed to the cause of Glaucoma in some instances. NSAID pain relievers are non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs that block hormones from leaving the brain, to trigger pain receptors throughout the body. Many doctors often recommend NSAID’s to their patients who are suffering from the pains caused by arthritis. On the other hand, many doctors will recommend an all-natural approach due to the potentially harmful side effects of NSAID’s.


Although NSAID’s are known for their aid in reducing pain, inflammation and lowering fevers, there can be harmful side effects from these medications.  If you have high blood pressure, asthma, or a history of kidney or liver disease, or have had ulcers in the past your doctor may not recommend NSAID’s for you. People older than 65 years of age must be especially careful when taking NSAID’s. If you are taking other medications, NSAID’s may intensify or counteract the effects of some medications. Both the risk and the severity of side effects increase the longer you take NSAID’s.


Did you know that “the whole family of NSAIDs can cause side effects that impact the eyes including cataracts, dry eyes, and retinal hemorrhages that may result from long-term use? These include aspirin, ibuprofen , flurbiprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen sodium. Also acetaminophen, though not an NSAID, can be harmful to the eyes. So if you are suffering from Glaucoma, these may not be the ideal ways to help with the pain that you experience from arthritis. Try something all-natural; a very popular supplement on the market is liquid Glucosamine. Most liquid Glucosamine supplements contain all-natural and highly beneficial ingredients, but they are not all created equal. To learn more about liquid Glucosamine, visit  http://www.activexamerica.com/syn-flex/glucosamine.php.