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Tackle Your Football Injuries

Do not let osteoarthritis take over

With football season upon us, you will begin to hear about sports related injuries, whether it is to your teen football player, your favorite pro athlete, or even yourself on a tackle football team.  Injuries among football players are inevitable, due to the extreme rigors of the game.  The bodily stress of the game, as well as sports related injuries, can lead to Osteoarthritis in the later years of life.  It is important to address all injuries right away, regardless of how minor they seem at the time.  Ignoring an injury could result in further damage or a lifetime of pain.

One of the most common injuries in football is a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).  The ACL is one of the four major ligaments, connecting the thigh and the shin bone, stabilizing the body.  It acts as a preventative measure against excessive motion of the knee joint.  Football players are highly susceptible to ACL injuries due to extreme lateral motions, such as pivoting, cutting, landing from a jump, or sudden turns.  When the ACL becomes torn during sports, the athlete will often feel a “pop” in their knee, and will experience extreme pain.  This is almost always followed by severe swelling and inflammation.

In most instances, the injured individual will develop Osteoarthritis in that joint.  It may take awhile to develop, and may go unnoticed for years.  According doctor to David Apple, a former sports doctor to the Atlanta Hawks and current medical director of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, “To a greater or lesser degree, it’s probably 100 percent of the time that the person will have some issues with Osteoarthritis.” Researchers are studying how the ACL can be trained to better protect the knee.  It has been proven in many studies that Glucosamine supplements can aid in the rehabilitation and repair of symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis.  You may benefit from taking a high quality liquid Glucosamine supplement to protect your joints, as well as strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee joints, such as the hamstrings and quadriceps.