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What Steps to Take Before You Undergo Joint Surgery

Glucosamine supplements can aid in repairing and rebuilding cartilage

For many arthritis sufferers, the choice to have elective surgery is because the arthritis symptoms have diminished your value of life.  Still, for some, the decision to go under the knife can be daunting.  The decision is ultimately up to you; and you alone.  It is fair to discuss the pros and cons with your family and your doctors, but the decision is ultimately up to you when you are ready.  All surgeries can carry a risk of complications, such as reactions from anesthesia or complications from scar tissue.  Many candidates for surgery find it beneficial to weigh all options, and to explore alternative methods of relieving arthritis symptoms first.


Glucosamine supplements can aid in repairing and rebuilding cartilage.  A high quality liquid Glucosamine supplement containing Chondroitin is a safe and effective alternative for joint related pain.  A liquid formula is absorbed by the body more effectively and offers the fastest relief.  Pills and capsules are not absorbed as well by the body, and often contain more fillers and binders than pharmaceutical quality ingredients.  Liquid Glucosamine is also safe for long term use, unlike prescription NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).


Your doctor has probably explained to you the benefits of exercise.  When you are in pain, the last thing you feel like doing is exercise, but it can help to keep your joint from stiffening up.  It aids the joints to remain flexible, and the synovial fluid to replenish in the joints.  Any extra weight you carry is distributed to the very joints that are likely causing you issues; the weight bearing joints.  Many arthritis sufferers participate in forms of exercise that are less invasive to the body, such as swimming, walking, yoga, or tai chi.  A healthy diet can also make a vast improvement on your condition.  Certain foods can help to aid the body in reducing inflammation and flair ups, while some foods can aggravate arthritis, such as caffeine, dairy products, sugar, and red meat.


Allotting a time period to prepare for surgery allows you to try alternative methods of pain relief.  It also provides you time to plan for post-operative care.  Will you need physical therapy? Will you need home health care? Who will help in the maintenance of your home and finances, if need be? You can research all of the facts about the procedure and prepare for it physically, mentally, and financially.  Being aware of what lies ahead, will decrease your stress if you do in fact have to go through with the surgery.