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RSS. What is it and how can it help you? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and among the many uses for this technology the main use is to spread news. Using RSS can help you display current news on your site and keep your website fresh and exciting providing your clients many reasons to come back.

We at Synflex America Inc. are continually striving to give our affiliates the best and most complete information to use for their websites. In keeping with this we have created RSS News Feeds for your use.

In order to use RSS feeds on your website you will need to place an RSS reader on your website. There are many RSS parsers available for free on the internet. The two major PHP based RSS parsers available for use are CaRP and MagpieRSS. Synflex America Inc. uses MagpieRSS.

If you are on a Windows hosting environment we recommend using the tool at RSS-to-Javascript.



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